About Machi Martin


Machi Martin has always had aviation in her blood. Starting flying as airplane pilot at the age of 16 she has experience of almost every aspect of the aviation business. She has mediated for airline companies, she has had positions like board member at ACBS and has worked as broker for corporate aviation for more than one decade. Machi flies general aviation and acrobatics. She has found and invested in different companies, so she links both technical as pilot and commercial experience.


Our Team

Salvador Artigas


Senior first officer FLYBE

ATPL commercial pilot (4000 flight hours)

ICAO linguistic competence Management

Universitat de Barcelona - Bachelor's Degree Tourism Management

Université du Québec, Tourism and Travel Services Management

Noah Sole

Flight operations 

First officer at Wizzair

Commercial Pilot
(FTE Jerez)

Rating A320 Flight Operations

One Airways WASIM ATO y AFG

( SIM center )

Carmen Trepat

Business developer

20 years experience in different brands.

HRR Department of Esade Business School.
Winthrop University Bachelor of Science, Business. Management
Escuela Universitaria ESMA. BA Management & Business administration

Anna Casado

Customer Service 

Flight attendant 

 Commandor Service Travel.

 Sochi, Rusia.

Michael Galan Von Sohrt


Sales Development - Mapex Software
La Salle BCN - Business and Technology
Business Development - Ozonme Moscow
PGTU- Pyatigorsk State Technological University, Pyatigorsk, Russia